ROBBO Club for children from 8 to 10 years old

We show students how they can use in-demand digital skills to develop their logic and intelligence

How does the ROBBO Club benefit your child?

  • Promotes mathematical thinking and an understanding of the environment.
  • Develops independence and attention.
  • Enables children to transition from being passive consumers of digital technologies to conscious consumers.
  • Helps them understand the direction they want to take in the future.
  • Teaches innovative technologies.
  • Strengthens attention and memory.
  • Improves academic performance.

Course program for 4 years


Advanced programming in Robbo-Scratch

  • First experience with Robbo Lab
  • Programming of Smart Home and the mobile Robbo platform
  • Working with sensors
  • LED concept, the electrical resistance
  • Advanced work in the TinkerCad editor
  • Professional 3D modeling
  • The basic principles of mechanics based on the printed constructor

Skills: Logic and reinforcement of the basics of algorithms, cycles, variables, basics of concepts about the geometry of solids. Spatial thinking, team activity


Programming in App Inventor

  • Continuing to work with Robbo-Lab and Robbo-Platform
  • The transition phase between visual and text-based programming (C++)
  • First experience with the Robbo circuit design kit and ArduinoUno
  • Working with the 3D editor FreeCad

Skills: Creating mobile applications, text-based programming language C++ syntax, Arduino IDE, sensor data processing, integrated circuit and microcontroller; creating a 3D model from a drawing to a printing


Assembly of the academic manipulator

  • Control of the manipulator using potentiometer and software control
  • Further work in Arduino IDE
  • Designing, modeling, assembling and programming a mobile robot – a quadruped
  • Creation of additional modules for the robot platform: excavator robot, forklift, bulldozer
  • Introduction to the new ESP controller

Skills: Design thinking, creating a robot, modeling, circuitry, programming

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