ROBBO Club for children from 11 to 15 years old

The children learn to independently navigate the challenges of today’s reality and transcend systemic thinking

How does the ROBBO Club benefit your child?

  • Promotes mathematical thinking and an understanding of the environment.
  • Develops independence and attention.
  • Enables children to transition from being passive consumers of digital technologies to conscious consumers.
  • Helps them understand the direction they want to take in the future.
  • Teaches innovative technologies.
  • Strengthens attention and memory.
  • Improves academic performance.

Course program for 5 years


Advanced programming

  • Development of modern mobile applications
  • Text-based programming language via Arduino IDE
  • Implementation of smart home elements
  • C# in game form using RobboLab
  • Unity 3D, programming of a Robbo platform
  • Manipulators MeArm, representation of elements of analog circuits, e.g. a transistor

Skills: visual programming, text-based programming, LED concept, resistance, battery, electricity, professional 3D modeling, working with the game engine, data transfer


The basics of the Python programming language

  • Development of fully-fledged and graphical applications
  • Advanced math and geometric representations of sin() and cos()
  • Development of a glove for wireless manipulator control using GitHub
  • Design and programming of a compact, user-friendly greenhouse

Skills: Python, mathematics, trigonometry, digital sensors, group work


Assembly of the academic manipulator

  • Introduction to the Raspberry PI series of single-board computers
  • Linux operating system, working via the command line
  • Remote connection to the Raspberry, ssh, vnc.
  • Python on the RaspberryPi. UART, SPI protocols
  • Introduction to OpenCV and machine vision
  • PCB design and production

Skills: Raspberry, Linux, complex programming, Python, machine vision algorithms, PCB design

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